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101 Art Nude by Dan Hecho


Author's selection, best images of 2011-2020
Project Option: Standard Portrait, # of Pages: 110
supported formats .epub .pdf .mobi

Dear friends, in this book you will dive into the quintessence of my art, into the world of beauty, grace and harmony.
What is Art Nude photography for me?
It has nothing to do with erotic,
it is admiration for pure beauty.
After all, it is the female body that is the most perfect form of nature and the embodiment of beauty as itself.
My work is an expression of my feelings, my admiration for a woman, my love for the world.
I really want you to share this love with me, to be imbued with grace, sensuality and aesthetics of the female body.

I carefully and for a very long time tried to chose ten "best" works for each year of my work. They were supposed to reflect my mood for the current year.
It was a truly titanic work, because I love absolutely all my works and it was very difficult to remove anything.

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